'Yoga is an internal practice. The rest is just circus'. K. Pattabhi Jois.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is practiced in Savasana. A guided meditation, it has the power to re set the body and mind by relaxing it on a deep unconscious level - bringing you home to your true self. All you need do is relax, make sure you are comfortable and listen to my voice as I guide you around your body and take you on a journey. You will be brought around safely at the end of each session going home feeling clear headed and relaxed. You may notice improved sleep, feeling less stress in everyday life and a more rested body.

If you would like a taylored yoga nidra recorded I offer private one to one sessions where we chat and I garner the information I need to record a personalised yoga nidra for you to take away and practice regularly at home. This can either be done at my flat in Stokey or I can come to you.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a quiet, reflective practice which can help you to look inwards. Practicing floor - based postures, often with the use of props to support the body. This can help to leave you feeling grounded, calmer and like you have stretched the fascia and connective tissue passively but deeply, enabling you to feel less stressed and experience better sleep.

Yin is great if you are menopausal (peri or post) and experiencing hot flushes, headaches, or insomnia as it is a cooling practice and all these symptoms originate from an excess of heat (yang) in the body.



Vinyasa Flow

Flowing, slow or more dynamic, ever changing, playful yoga sequences to bespoke playlists with hands on assists and careful attention to alignment and precision in the postures. Vinyasa literally means placing with awareness - for each breath there is a movement which flows into the next, creating sequences of postures which challenge the body and help to relax the mind as you focus on the present moment. Always finishing with Savasana - a 5 or 10 minute relaxation.

Restorative Yoga

Longer held postures using props to support the body. Enabling the body and mind to deeply relax, activating the parasympathetic nervous system. Good for stressed minds and tired or injured bodies, or as a way to unwind and calm a busy mind. Can be particularly useful if you live in a busy, fast paced city like London, have a very stressful job, or to compliment other more physically demanding exercise regimes.

Teen Yoga

On top of the usual stresses teenagers face in their lives - changing bodies and hormones, exam and other school or college pressures - teenagers now face the additional pressure of modern day life. Yoga can help to focus the mind and improve concentration, relieve stress, improve sleep, as well as relaxing the body and releasing excess energy through movement. Yoga philosophy can also provide teenagers with the tools they need to face the challenges of modern life.

Private Classes

A private class is useful for alignment tips, more detailed one to one work on specific postures or if you have an injury and want to modify your practice around it. The option is also available to get a small group of your friends, neighbours or colleagues together and Catrin can come to your worksplace or home and teach the group.

Message her for prices and available times. 


Catrin Osborne

A former professional aerialist, Catrin's classes incorporate her love of movement and music, yoga philosophy and instinctive teaching style.

In her class she aims to take you on a journey which challenges you physically but is also calming mentally and emotionally.

Catrin has experience of teaching all ages and abilities and believes yoga is not just about learning to stand on your head but also standing on your own two feet when life gets tough.

She originally began practicing to combat a circus injury but soon fell in love with the practice and noticed positive changes in other areas of her life off the mat.

Catrin still loves practicing class regularly with the many and varied teachers London has to offer.

She trained with the Yoga Haven 200 hour programme in Vinyasa Flow and then went on to train further in Restorative Yoga with Roger Cole, Yoga Nidra with Uma Dinsmore Tuli and Nirlipta Tuli and Yin Yoga with Norman Blair, all with Yoga Campus. And in adjustments with Nova Milesko.

She teaches regularly at Yogahome in Stoke Newington, RADA and Clapton Girls Academy. Catrin also covers teachers at The Life Centre, Islington and East of Eden, Walthamstow. She regularly runs yin yoga workshops, day retreats, menopause workshops and is running her first retreat in the Dordogne France this year which she hopes will become a regular event.


I have been attending Catrin’s slow flow classes for approximately 2 years and find they are a great mix of both flowing and standing postures. I really enjoy the music that is played which really works with the flow of the class. I’ve been practicing yoga for 11 years but I’m not a flexible person at all, nor I am really one to push myself, but I find Catrin’s classes are perfect for me and cater to all levels with a very varied mixture of ability in attendance at her classes. The flow and restore classes are great too if you want something more relaxing !
I have been attending Catrin’s slow flow yoga classes regularly for about 2 years now. Her classes are welcoming and have a relaxed pace, but still includes lots of strong postures that keeps it fun and challenging. They are always very thoughtful and reflective, and I particularly enjoy the yoga/life philosophies Catrin brings into the practice which I like to take away with me from the class. I always feel refreshed, challenged, and nurtured after a yoga class with Catrin.
I have had the pleasure to attend Catrin's more energetic as well as her more restorative classes. In Vinyasa flow classes Catrin has the unique ability to hold a space that allows me to push boundaries with my body in a safe and supportive environment. In restorative classes she allows me to be fully present with her guidance. I would definitely recommend Catrin's classes to all yogis new and old.
Catrin's yoga class is a very well balanced moment of physical work as well as relaxation. Having had a baby over a year ago and going through a tough personal time right now, her yoga classes have given me both physical and mental strength in just over a month. Catrin is a lovely, patient and very clear teacher who takes time to show and break down yoga poses for beginners like me but classes remain challenging enough for all levels as Catrin is able to adapt to all her students' needs. Her Thursday Hatha class is the best way for me to start the end of the week. She creates such a calming atmosphere with a candle lit room. Going to her two classes a week has become my own guilty pleasure.


New Online Schedule


7.30-8.30am Vinyasa Flow - Flowing sequences practiced to music with focus on berath and alignment

4.30-6pm - Yoga For Menopause - a chance to check in and share how we're feeling and support one another and then a Yin and Yoga Nidra practice to check in, refresh and relax


4-5pm Leyton Yoga - Yoga For Teenagers 

5.15-6.15 Yoga For Teenagers. A chat about yoga philosophy, meditation, chanting, asana (postures), and ending with a yoga nidra to relax

6.30-7.45pm Slowflow. Slow, flowing sequences to music with focus on breath and alignment - suitable for all levels


7.30-8.30pm Vinyasa Flow

4.30-6pm Slowflow, Yin and Nidra. Flow, slow down and relax

8-9pm Leyton Yoga - Yoga For Beginners


5-6pm Yin Yoga


4-5.30pm Yin & Yoga Nidra. The ultimate slowdown and relax to set you up for your weekend


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